17 Japanese Tea Ceremony Instruments

July 07, 2022

17 Japanese Tea Ceremony Tools

A tea ceremony is without doubt one of the important issues to do while you recognize the Japanese tradition. Visiting Japan and studying how you can do a tea ceremony is a refreshing expertise. Since you do not need to miss it while you get house, let’s reminisce in regards to the custom and get began with these stunning matcha ceremony instruments you could buy on Amazon.

1. Chawan or “tea bowl”

Mino Ware Handcrafted Matcha Tea Bowl

Japanese Handcrafted Matcha Tea Bowl Brown, Matcha Tea Cup Ceremony, Authentic Mino Ware Pottery, Hagoromo Chawan

Holding the tea bowl with one hand and mixing matcha together with your different hand is straightforward, because of the scale of this matcha tea bowl. Mino Ware is understood for its handmade high quality porcelain handicrafts. So get one and picture making a matcha drink in a Zen Backyard.

2. Tsutsu-chawan

Hagiyaki TsuTsu Matcha Chawan

1 X [Matcha Bowl] Kaneta Tenmokunagashi Matcha Chawan (Standard version)

With the normal Japanese ceramic pottery in thoughts, you may be positive you could really feel the tea ceremony vibes for those who add this bowl in your tea set. It weighs 250g and has dimensions of 10.5cm width x 9cm peak x 10.5cm diameter.

3. Hira-chawan

Hagiyaki Matcha Hira Chawan made by Komei Koto

Matcha hira chawan teabowl made by Komei Koto. Hagiware, Japanese Knead ceramic.

One other Hagiyaki / Hagiware ceramic made chawan (tea bowl) that’s straightforward to carry and can certainly keep away from spilling tea. The form makes the tea cool off quicker than utilizing an everyday chawan. Its dimensions are 14.8cm diameter x 14.8cm width x 5.5cm peak.

4. Kumidashi-Chawan

Hautall Traditional Matcha Tea Bowl

4.5'' Traditional Matcha Tea Bowl - Handcrafted for Matcha Tea Cup Ceremony and Everyday Use

With 4.5 inches diameter and a pair of.7 inches peak, this high-quality handcrafted tea is the right measurement for whisking and holding tea. The great factor is they’re assured that their matcha bowl is made in high-quality supplies to the purpose that they’ve buyer care the place they will provide a immediate refund or substitute in case the customer doesn’t just like the product.

5. Chasen

HARU MATCHA – PESTICIDE FREE – Traditional Handcarved Golden Bamboo Matcha Whisk (100 Prongs)

HARU MATCHA - PESTICIDE FREE - Traditional Handcarved Golden Bamboo Matcha Whisk (100 Prongs)

This 100-prong genuine Japanese matcha whisk makes the matcha creamy faster than different matcha whisks. It’s manufactured from bamboo from Kansai area in Japan. It’s superb to make use of this on usucha (skinny tea). Nevertheless, they suggest a matcha whisk with a decrease (however robust) prong depend if you wish to whisk a koicha (thick tea).

Chasen holder (if you wish to embody it on the listing)

Super SW Porcelain Chasen Stand

Matcha Whisk Holde Exquisite Porcelain Chasen Stand Ceramic Holder The Matcha Holder fit for Bamboo Chasen Tea Set Accessories (#2)

The porcelain-made stunning crimson and black design whisk stand is nice to have a look at in nearly all of the matcha units. Every holder is individually crafted and manufactured from high-quality ceramic.

6. Kama – particular tea kettle

Kama “Chagama” Japanese Cast Iron Teapot


Boil water and make tea in your backyard or hut with this kama (teapot). Treating your friends effectively and making matcha of their presence brings tranquility. Due to its long-lasting use, many generations can use this teapot.

7. Hishaku

Frjjthchy Natural Bamboo Japanese Water Ladle


Frjjthchy Natural Bamboo Japanese Water Ladle Handmade Water Bailer Dipper for Garden Tea (S)


This small ladle is polished and has a protracted deal with made for simple grip and management. It’s aesthetically good for tea ceremonies and gardens. It was assembled firmly and will not break simply, not like different super-glued water ladles.

8. Futaoki

Suikaen Futaoki Japanese Bamboo ladle stand

Futaoki Japanese Bamboo ladle stand for tea ceremony Yasaburo Tanimura Furo and Ro set of 2

You’ll be able to place your ladle in these 100% pure bamboo futaoki (ladle stand). Surroundings-friendly and sturdy, there could also be some pure stains. Suikaen prefers to make futaoki by fingers of craftsmen as an alternative of utilizing fashionable tools to protect the five hundred 12 months tea tool-making custom.

9. Natsume / Usucha

Tokyo Matcha Selection Hanazoroe

TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION - [VALUE] Hanazoroe : Metal Tea Caddy Can (S) for 100g leaf - Japanese Conventional Design [Standard ship by SAL with Tracking number...

Steel natsume with inner plastic lid. This tea caddy has an old traditional flowers design. It is small yet beautifully made for storing tea leaves and making tea ceremonies look good.

10. Chashaku

BambooMN Chashaku Set

Ceremonial Traditional Japanese Bamboo Matcha Green Tea Scoop Chashaku Tea Leaf Powder Holder Set - Natural

There is no need to buy separate items as the matcha scooper and holder are available in one set. It will make your tea set more beautiful, and you will not have a hard time finding a scoop and a saucer to place it. Why use a bamboo matcha scoop (chashaku) instead of just a teaspoon? It is because it can accurately measure the amount of tea you need in a cup or a tea bowl.

JapanBargain Bamboo Matcha Scoop Japanese Chashaku

<img src=

If you already have a chashaku holder, this one is what you need to measure your matcha. It measures 7.25 inches long and does not wear out quickly. It works well and is not too flimsy. On its good quality, it is cheap compared to other matcha scoops.

11. Fukusa

Fukusa Japanese Tea Ceremony Orange No 6

Fukusa Japanese Tea Ceremony Orange No 6 

Don’t forget to clean the chashaku with a silky cloth. A tea ceremony is also known for cleanliness. It is easy to fold. The beautiful silk quality will surely attract others to learn more about tea ceremonies.

12. Kobukusa

Tea coasters are there to protect the mat and make the matcha setup visually pleasing. Here are the best finds in Amazon:

Jukway 6Pcs 40x40cm Japanese Style Cotton Fabric Squares

Jukway 6Pcs 40x40cm Cotton Fabric Squares Bundles Japanese Style Printed Floral, Fabric Patchwork Bronzing Designs Crafts Cloths for Sewing Quilting DIY Decoration Scrapbooking Handwork (Navy blue -A)

These are thick fabrics and, at the same time, are easy to cut with scissors. Moreover, the colors and the flower designs can match any traditional Japanese room.

Tudomro 30 Pieces Japanese Style Fabric Squares 8 x 10 Inch Fabric Bundle Squares

Tudomro 30 Pieces Japanese Style Fabric Squares 8 x 10 Inch Fabric Bundle Squares Patchwork, Wrapping Cloth Quilting Fabric Bundles for DIY Patchwork Sewing...

The more designs, the more choices you have. These can also be used for other crafts and clothing, although smaller than the previously featured Jukway fabric squares. The color remains bright even after washing several times.

PARAOR 8 x 10 inch 35pcs Cotton Quarters Fabric Bundle Japanese Style

PARAOR 8 x 10 inch 35pcs Cotton Quarters Fabric Bundle Japanese Style

This set of fabrics has the same size as Tudomro but with more than 5 square fabrics.

13. Kobukusami / Dashibukusa

Tea Talent Handmade Natural Bamboo Tablemat Decor

Tea Talent Handmade Natural Bamboo Sticks Tablemat Decor Kungfu Tea Set Slat Mat Placemat Tea Table Runner 12 by 47-inch, Blue and White Linen

Japanese tea lovers can choose between “Blue and White Linen” and “Natural Color .”There are three sizes available. Made of bamboo sticks, it exudes the Zen garden aesthetic. It is easy to clean by shaking this off over the sink and wiping it with a clean damp cloth.

14. Kensui

Hagiyaki Kensui for Tea Ceremony

Japanese ceramic ware. Kensui, koboshi for teaceremony.

The leftover water used for the tea ceremony can be discarded in this bowl. This Kensui bowl is made by craftsmen who know about making Tokoname ware pots and handicrafts. Tokoname is located in Aichi, Japan.

15. Mizusashi

Before using the Kama (teapot where water is boiled), the water is filled in the Mizusashi (small water jug) using a Yakan (water pitcher).

Touga Mizusashi for Tea Ceremony

Mizusashi Take fresh water jug for Japanese tea ceremony

Measures 13.5cm height, 13cm diameter, and 11.5cm light diameter, this mizusashi is made of stoneware.

Touga Red Lacquer Mizusashi for Tea Ceremony

Mizusashi Take Kiku Ume, Fresh Water Jug for Japanese tea ceremony

This mizusashi is made of stoneware and larger than the previous one. It measures 13.8 cm. height, 12.5cm. diameter and 11cm. light diameter.

16. Yakan

The following can serve as a water pitcher to fill the Mizusashi.

2600ml Japanese Copper Teapot 

Teapot Tea Kettle Tea Pot Teapot Tetsubin Tea Kettle 2600ml Extra Large Hand Made Copper Kettle Southern Japan Health Purple Copper Teapot (Color : B, Size ...

It weighs 2000 grams and can hold up to 2600ml of water. This copper pot’s design is very traditional and can soften boiled water. Although expected to turn the copper color inside into black-brown oxide over time, it is still useful and does not affect the water quality.

YJX Enamel Coated Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser

Cast Iron Tea Kettle, Japanese Tetsubin Teapot Coated with Enameled Interior, Durable Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser (Dark Green Hexagon...

For a more sophisticated look or retro style, this teapot is for you and can carry up to 1000ml or 4 cups of water. Water boiled using this teapot will become soft and sweet because of the material and long heat preservation. It is a nice decoration for your tea ceremony collection.

17. Ro

We often see the sunken hearth in the tea room. You can have it built in your home, or if you don’t want, you can buy a good substitute on Amazon and place it in your garden or anywhere outside.

LEMY 32-inch Outdoor Metal Faux Stone Fire Pit

LEMY 32 inch Outdoor Fire Pit Square Metal Firepit Backyard Patio Garden Stove Wood Burning Fire Pit W/Rain Cover, Faux-Stone Finish

This fire pit is made of durable steel. It has a strong frame, and you can put wood/charcoal, fire, and your tea pot there. It is easy to assemble and comes with a rain cover to prevent damage when not in use.

Aside from drinking tea, doing a ceremony alone or with guests makes your environment calm and pleasant. Moreover, with high-quality matcha and these tools, you will surely enjoy practicing and honing your skills to make a matcha drink and do an appreciative tea ceremony.

Watch to learn more about different Japanese Tea Ceremony with Obāchan and Kei.

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Video Size: – 11 minutes 18 seconds


Younger Kei: A male scholar who loves all issues inexperienced tea. Whereas he’s most aware of fashionable variations of Japanese tea similar to match late, inexperienced tea cake, inexperienced tea chocolate, and even bubble tea, he’s very within the wealthy custom of Japanese tea and the tradition behind it.
Obāchan: That is ChaCha’s grandmother. She is outdated and sensible and is aware of all in regards to the historical past of Japanese Tea. She may be very completely satisfied that younger individuals like Keiichirou are nonetheless considering tea and enjoys educating them about conventional tea. Likewise, she is fascinated by all the brand new forms of teas and is all the time completely satisfied to be taught from the youthful technology.

Set 1: A Japanese model front room

Obāchan tells Younger Kei in regards to the numerous forms of equiptment for Tea ceremony

*CRASH* *Sound of pottery braking*

Okay: Oh no!!!

O: Daijoubu? I heard a big crash, are you okay?

Okay: Fortunately I’m okay however after I was attempting to place away a few of my tea ceremony tools, I unintentionally dropped one in every of my favourite tea cups and it shattered throughout.

O: I’m glad to listen to that you simply’re okay, by no means thoughts the tea bowl

Okay: Tea bowl? I feel you’re confused. What I dropped was a tea cup.

O: That’s the place you’re fallacious my expensive boy. Whereas it does perform as a cup, the vessel that we use for tea ceremony is definitely known as a chawan or “tea bowl” in English.

Okay: Actually? Why is that? Does it differ from an everyday tea cup not directly?

O: Let me educate you totally different instruments used for tea ceremony right this moment.
Here’s what I’ll clarify.
I’ll cowl many instruments, so if you’re considering a particular instrument, you’ll be able to try within the description of our video, the time code that lets you click on to the portion you wish to watch. Additionally, scan this barcode or hyperlink is within the description under for extra details about every instrument.

B: Who’re you speaking to, Obachan?

matcha chasen and bowl

O: For starters, in comparison with European-style tea cups, the chawan dosen’t have a deal with and there are fairly a number of forms of chawan used relying on the kind of tea ceremony you might be attending.

Okay: I’m confused, why would you ever want greater than only one kind of tea bowl? In any case, all of the bowl does is carry the tea from the pot to your mouth proper?

O: The Chawan can have numerous properties that may improve the flavour of the tea relying on the season. Take for instance the Tsutsu-chawan鉄茶碗. Any such tea bowl is often longer and made for winter. Now, why do you suppose that’s?

Okay: Hmmmm… longer hug…and winter… Oh! I do know! It’s as a result of if its longer, having much less floor space will make it in order that the tea can have much less publicity to the air, which means that the tea can retain warmth longer!

O: Oh my! You actually are smar-tea, Kei.

Okay: (pause 1 sec) Actually, Obachan?

O: … (pause 0.5 sec)

Okay: Does that imply that there’s additionally a kind of tea bowl made for summer season? Possibly one thing that’s brief and vast in order that the tea can quiet down quicker?

O: You positive do catch on fast! That kind of tea bowl is known as a Hira-chawan平茶碗 and simply as you stated, the Hira-chawan is brief and stout to assist the tea cool off quicker in the summertime.

Okay: Wow! The tea masters actually did consider all the pieces!

O: They positive did! One other kind of tea bowl with particular properties is the Kumidashi-Chawan.くみだし茶碗 Any such tea bowl has an outward curving lip in order that the aroma of the tea can seep out and entice the visitor to take a sip.

Okay: Now that we’re on the subject, what are a few of the different forms of instruments and tools wanted for the tea ceremony? I’m starting to doubt that I do know something about tea ceremony in any respect!

O: Haha, don’t doubt your self. Tea ceremony may be very complicated and even the masters are nonetheless studying one thing each time they pour a brand new glass of tea. I’m positive one piece of apparatus you might be effectively conscious of is the chasen. 茶筅

Okay: Chasen? Oh! You imply the bamboo whisk?

O: Exactly!

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Okay: I do know that one! That’s the only piece of bamboo that has been reduce into super-thin sections in order that it may be used to whip matcha! The versatile nature and sturdiness of the bamboo are perfect for mixing tea and making a bubbly texture when accomplished proper!

O: Right! And are you aware what the identify of the particular tea kettle in Japanese is?

Okay: Oh… we realized this….it’s a Kama!釜

O: Proper once more! The Kama is used to boil water for making tea and is often a spherical, stout vessel forged from copper or iron. Usually instances the kama is handed round within the household from technology to technology and is exclusive in design and elegance.

Okay: I neglect, what’s the ladle used to pour water from the Kama into the Chawan known as once more?

O: That may be the Hishaku柄杓, a protracted bamboo ladle that transfers water from the kettle to the bowl. It’s made out of bamboo as a result of steel would warmth up too quick, making it arduous to carry, and wooden would warp from the warmth of the new water. When not in use, the Hishaku rests on a particular holder known as a Futaoki蓋置.

Okay: The Futaoki? You imply the spherical little block of bamboo or ceramic with a divet? Doesn’t that additionally maintain the lid of the Kama generally?

O: Sure certainly. When the tea ceremony begins, the kettle lid or Futa is taken and positioned on the highest of the Kama to assist preserve the water heat.

Okay: I’ve a query. What’s the particular little field that holds the tea earlier than we brew it known as? If I bear in mind accurately, there are two differing types?

Japanese green tea tools

O: You positive do have a watch for element. That may be the tea caddy and as you stated, there are two differing types. Natsume棗 is made out of a skinny lacquered wooden and is supposed to carry for usucha or skinny tea ceremonies. Skinny tea is far larger high quality, therefore the design on the tea caddy is often extra eloquent than its counterpart, the Chaire. A Chaire is for thick tea and is a bit longer and chunkier.

Okay: The little spoon we use to take tea out of the tea caddies is known as the Chashaku茶杓 proper? We use that for measuring out how a lot tea to place into the cup earlier than including the water.

O: Right once more, and the piece of fabric we use to scrub the Chashaku is the Fukusa袱紗. This particular piece of fabric is normally made out of a single piece of solid-colored silk with none sample. Males will normally use a purple Chashaku and the normal colour for ladies is crimson or orange.

Okay: Oh! I obtained a very stunning deep purple one for my birthday final 12 months! I had no concept that women and men used totally different colours although!

O: It’s a small element, however that’s what makes tea ceremony such a powerful artwork kind to be taught.

Okay: On the subject of cloth, what are these little sq. items of fabric we put down on the desk for?

O: I imagine you might be referring to the Kobukusa古帛紗? That may be a 6-inch sq. piece of cloth used as a coaster for while you put your tea bowl down through the tea ceremony. It’s not solely trendy but in addition protects the desk as effectively. Oftentimes friends will carry their very own Kobukusa in a particular pockets known as the Kobukusami古帛紗身.

Okay: I’ve heard my instructor additionally name it a Dashibukusaだし袱紗, is that the identical?

Japanese tea

O: Certainly it’s. Another vital items of a tea set could be the Kensuiけんすい, the pot the place we get rid of any leftover water, the Mizusashi水さし, the chilly water container used to refill the Kama, and the Yakanやかん, the Yakan, the water pitcher that we use to refill the Mizusashi on the finish of the tea ceremony.

Okay: Wow! There may be a lot! Certainly that’s all the pieces, proper?

O: you’re forgetting the very coronary heart of the tea ceremony, my expensive boy.

Okay: The guts?

O: The guts of the tea ceremony is the sunken fireplace within the tea room known as the Ro炉.

Okay: The Ro?

O: The Ro is a particular gap in a tatami ground that holds the kama and heats up the water. That is solely used within the autumn and winter, nevertheless.

Okay: What’s used to warmth the water within the spring and summer season then?

O: That may be the Furo. This brazier is often made out of unglazed clay, nevertheless, iron and bronze ones are additionally used at instances relying on the host.

Okay: My head is spinning! There are such a lot of components of the tea ceremony I don’t even know the place to start!

O: You’ll be able to start with not operating late to your tea ceremony class! Doesn’t it begin in just some minutes?

Okay: Yikes! I’ve gotta run! Thanks for the lesson Obāchan!

Kei disappears

O (ingesting tea): Oh boy. He’s all the time in a rush.

Once more, if you’re considering studying extra about any of the instruments, please examine the hyperlink within the description under. And whereas at it, please subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss any new episodes. Thanks very a lot for watching.

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