Tata Tea

Tata Tea is a product of Tata Consumers Products Limited, earlier known as Tata Global Beverages is, without doubt, India’s most famous tea brand. Tata Tea has an excellent aroma and taste, and its affordable pricing makes it perfect for a casual tea drinker. Tata Tea handpicks the tea leaves from Assam’s world-famous tea gardens.

  • Popular Variants

  • Tata Tea Gold

  • Tata Tea Gold Leaf Tea

  • Tata Tea Gold Black Tea

  • Tata Tea Premium

Brooke Bond Red Label

A product of Hindustan Unilever Private limited, the Brooke Bond brand aims to make the world a more welcoming place with people getting together for a cup of hot tea. The tea processing unit is at Brooke Bond Excellence Center. Professional tea tasters test Brooke Bond and its other variants. It is known for the perfect quality, taste and aroma.

  • Popular Variants

  • Taj Mahal Classic Tea

  • Taj Mahal Gold

  • Taaza Leaf Tea

  • Brooke Bond 3 Roses Tea

Wagh Bakri Tea

Among the best tea brands in India, Wagh Bakri is a product by Gujarat Tea Processors and Packers Limited. Wagh Bakri Tea processes the best quality of tea from Assam’s tea gardens and is known for its strong taste and aroma. With a vast market in India’s northern and western states, this tea brand regularly enjoys an annual turnover of more than one thousand crores.

  • Popular Variants

  • Wagh Bakri Premium Leaf Tea

  • Wagh Bakri CTC Tea

  • Wagh Bakri Green Tea

  • Wagh Bakri Flavoured Tea Bags

Organic India Tea

Organic India is one of the latest tea brands, which has become popular among the health-conscious generation. The herbal tea gives the perfect taste and aroma; it relieves stress and improves the immune system. Organic India herbal tea is available in both forms’ tea bags and loose leaves.

  • Popular Variants

  • Organic India Tulsi Ginger Turmeric Tea

  • Organic India Tulsi Sleep

  • Organic India Tulsi Masala Chai

  • Organic India Tulsi Sweet Lemon Tea


The list of the best tea brands in India will not be complete without mentioning Lipton. However, it is a British brand primarily famous for green and black tea. Lipton is undoubtedly a household name associated with Tea in India. The calorie-free ready-to-drink tea is the perfect choice for health-conscious tea lovers. The tea brand also produces various types of fruit teas.

  • Popular Variants

  • Lipton Yellow Label Tea

  • Lipton Darjeeling Long Leaf Tea

  • Lipton Green Tea Tulsi Natura

  • Lipton Indian Chai